jessicacyrus asked:
Hey, I’m Jessica if we haven’t talked before.
I’m just letting you know that your listed in my “Best Blogs” tab on my page.& you have been for most of the year, so thankyou for what you post! your amazing and i love you<3

Wow, that’s so sweet of you, thank you!

ballet-tour asked: 
hey, I loves you tumblr, very cute, I love Glee (:


ranch—dressing asked: 
Hi! A friend and I recently made the blog “askryanmurphy,” and I was wondering if you would either promote it or simply post this message? It would mean SO much. Thank you either way! :) xx

Of course, spreading the love of Glee!

toohightobedown asked: 
O my god, your tumblr is probably the best Glee related blog I’ve ever seen. 

Oh I doubt that, but that you so much!

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